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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Deleting personal data in the
Depending on the usage, the vehicle saves
personal data, such as stored radio stations.
This personal data can be permanently deleted
using iDrive.
General information
Depending on the equipment package, the fol‐
lowing data can be deleted:
Personal Profile settings.
Stored radio stations.
Stored Favorites buttons.
Travel and onboard computer information.
Music collection.
Navigation, for instance stored destina‐
Phone book.
Online data, for instance Favorites, cook‐
Voice notes.
Login accounts.
Altogether, the deletion of the data can take up
to 30 minutes.
Functional requirement
Data can only be deleted while stationary.
Deleting data
Heed and follow the instructions on the Con‐
trol Display.
Switch on the ignition.
2. "Settings"
3. Open "Options".
4. "Delete personal data"
5. "Continue"
6. "OK"
Entering letters and numbers
General information
On the Control Display:
1. Turn the controller: select letters or num‐
2. Select additional letters or numbers, if
3. "OK": confirm the entry.
Symbol Function
Press the controller: delete letters
or number.
Press the controller for an extended
period: delete all letters or numbers.
Switching between upper/lower case,
numbers and characters
Depending on the menu, you can switch be‐
tween entering upper and lower case letters
and numbers:
Symbol Function
Enter the letters.
Enter the numbers.
or Tip the controller up.
Without navigation system
Select the symbol.
Entry comparison
When entering names and addresses, the
choice is narrowed down with every letter en‐
tered and letters may be added automatically.
Entries are continuously compared with data
stored in the vehicle.
Only those letters are offered during entry
for which data is available.
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