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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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tected remote control must be clearly allo‐
cated to the driver.
This is the case when:
The driver is only carrying his or her own
remote control.
The driver unlocks the vehicle.
The driver gets into the vehicle through the
driver's door.
The settings for the following systems and
functions are saved in the active profile. The
scope of storable settings depends on country
and equipment.
Unlocking and locking.
Climate control.
Instrument cluster.
Programmable memory buttons.
Volumes, tone.
Control Display.
Park Distance Control PDC.
Rearview camera.
Head-up Display.
Driving Dynamics Control.
Driver's seat position, exterior mirror posi‐
tion, steering wheel position.
Intelligent Safety.
Profile management
Opening profiles
Regardless of the remote control in use, a dif‐
ferent profile may be activated. This allows you
to call up personal vehicle settings if you did
not unlock the vehicle with your own remote
Using iDrive:
1. "Settings"
2. "Profiles"
3. Select a profile.
All settings stored in the called-up profile
are automatically applied.
The called-up profile is assigned to the re‐
mote control being used at the time.
If the profile is already assigned to a differ‐
ent remote control, this profile will apply to
both remote controls.
Using a guest profile
The guest profile is for individual settings that
are stored in none of the three personal pro‐
This can be useful for drivers who are using
the vehicle temporarily and do not have their
own profile.
Using iDrive:
2. "Profiles"
3. "Guest"
The guest profile cannot be renamed. It is not
assigned to the current remote control.
Renaming profiles
A personal name can be assigned to every pro‐
file to avoid confusion between the profiles.
Using iDrive:
2. "Profiles"
The active profile is selected.
3. Open "Options".
4. "Rename current profile"
Reset profiles
The settings of the active profile are reset to
their factory settings.
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Opening and closing Controls
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