2017 BMW X1 — Owner's Manual – Page #55

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Press button on the corre‐
sponding side.
Front seat heating
Seat heating
Switching on
Press button once for each tempera‐
ture level.
The maximum temperature is reached when
three LEDs are lit.
If the trip is continued within approx. 15 mi‐
nutes after a stop, seat heating is activated au‐
tomatically with the temperature selected last.
When ECO PRO is activated, the heater output
is reduced.
Switching off
Press and hold the button, until the
LEDs go out.
Rear seats
Second row of seats
Safety information
There is a risk of jamming when folding
down the center armrest in the rear. There is a
risk of injury. Make sure that the area of move‐
ment of the center armrest is clear during fold‐
ing down.◀
Unexpected movements of the backrest
while driving may occur due to unintentional
unlocking of the rear backrests by the straps.
There is a risk of injury. Do not fasten any ob‐
jects to the straps for unlocking the rear backr‐
General information
The rear seat is divided into two parts at a ratio
of 60 – 40. The left seat is connected to the
middle section.
Pull the lever and slide the seat in the desired
After releasing the lever, move the seat for‐
ward or back slightly making sure it engages
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