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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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safety belt reminder is active at speeds above
approx. 6 mph/10 km/h. It can also be activated
if objects are placed on the front passenger
Front head restraints
Safety information
A missing protective effect due to re‐
moved or not correctly adjusted head re‐
straints can cause injuries in the head and
neck area. There is a risk of injury. Before driv‐
ing, install the head restraints on the occupied
seats. Ensure that the middle of the head re‐
straint supports the back of the head approxi‐
mately at eye level.◀
Body parts can be jammed when moving
the head restraint. There is a risk of injury.
Make sure that the area of movement is clear
when moving the head restraint.◀
Objects on the head restraint reduce the
protective effect in the head and neck area.
There is a risk of injury.
Do not use seat or head restraint covers.
Do not hang objects, e.g., clothes hangers,
directly on the head restraint.
Only use accessories that have been de‐
termined to be safe for attachment to a
head restraint.
Do not use any accessories, e.g., pillows,
while driving.◀
Correctly adjusted head restraint
General information
A correctly adjusted head restraint reduces the
risk of injury to cervical vertebrae in the event
of an accident.
Adjust the head restraint so that its center is
approximately at eye level.
Adjust the distance so that the head restraint
is as close as possible to the back of the head.
If necessary, adjust the distance by adjusting
the tilt of the backrest.
Adjusting the height
To raise: push the head restraint up.
To lower: press button, arrow 1, and push
head restraint down.
Only remove the head restraint if no one will be
sitting in the seat in question.
Raise the head restraint up against the re‐
2. Press button, arrow 1, and pull the head re‐
straint out completely.
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