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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Fold the mirrors in and out is advantageous in
the following situations:
In vehicle washes.
On narrow roads.
For folding mirrors back out that were
folded away manually.
Mirrors that were folded in are folded out auto‐
matically at a speed of approx.
25 mph/40 km/h.
Automatic heating
Both exterior mirrors are automatically heated
whenever the engine is running.
Automatic dimming feature
The exterior mirror on the driver's side is auto‐
matically dimmed. Photocells in the interior
mirror are used to control this.
Interior mirror, manually dimmable
Turn knob
Turn the knob to reduce the blinding effect by
the interior mirror.
Interior mirror, automatic dimming
Photocells are used for control:
In the mirror glass.
On the back of the mirror.
Functional requirements
Keep the photocells clean.
Do not cover the area between the inside
rearview mirror and the windshield.
Steering wheel
Safety information
Steering wheel adjustments while driving
can lead to unexpected steering wheel move‐
ments. Vehicle control could be lost. There is a
risk of an accident. Adjust the steering wheel
while the vehicle is stationary only.◀
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