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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Selector lever positions
Drive mode D
Selector lever position for normal vehicle oper‐
ation. All gears for forward travel are activated
Reverse R
Engage selector lever position R only when the
vehicle is stationary.
Neutral N
In selector lever position N, the vehicle may be
pushed or roll without engine power, for in‐
stance in vehicle washes; see the Care chap‐
Parking position P
Selector level position, for instance for parking
the vehicle.
The transmission blocks the drive wheels in
selector lever position P. Engage selector lever
position P only when the vehicle is stationary.
Before exiting the vehicle, make sure that se‐
lector lever position P is set. Otherwise, the ve‐
hicle may begin to move.
Engaging selector lever positions
General information
To prevent the vehicle from creeping after you
select a drive mode, maintain pressure on the
brake pedal until you are ready to start.
The selector lever can only be taken out of se‐
lector lever position P if the ignition is on or the
engine is running.
With the vehicle stationary, depress the brake
pedal before shifting out of selector lever posi‐
tion P or N; otherwise, the shift block will not
be deactivated and the shift command will not
be executed.
Selector lever lock
A lock prevents the inadvertent switching to
selector lever position R or the inadvertent
change from selector lever position P.
To release the lock: with the brake pedal de‐
pressed, press the button on the front of the
selector lever, see arrow.
Kickdown is used to achieve maximum driving
Step on the accelerator pedal beyond the re‐
sistance point at the full throttle position.
Sport program M/S
The shifting points and shifting times in the
Sport program are designed for a sportier driv‐
ing style. The transmission, for instance shifts
up later and the shifting times are shorter.
Activating the sport program
Press the selector lever to the left out of selec‐
tor lever position D.
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