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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Switching into automatic mode
In selector lever position D, after conservative
driving in manual mode without acceleration or
shifting via the shift paddles for a certain
amount of time, the transmission switches
back to automatic mode.
It is possible to switch from manual mode into
the automatic mode at any time:
Pull and hold right shift paddle.
In addition to the briefly pulled right shift
paddle, briefly pull the left shift paddle.
To shift up: briefly pull right shift paddle.
To shift down: briefly pull left shift paddle.
The lowest possible gear can be selected
by pulling and holding the left shift paddle.
The selected gear is briefly displayed in the in‐
strument cluster, followed by the current gear.
Displays in the instrument cluster
The selector lever position is dis‐
played, for example P.
Manually release the transmission
Should the selector lever be blocked in selec‐
tor lever position P despite the ignition being
turned on, the brake being depressed and the
button on the selector lever being pressed, the
transmission lock can be canceled manually:
Before unlocking the transmission lock man‐
ually, set the parking brake to prevent the vehi‐
cle from rolling away.
1. Loosen the selector lever sleeve at the
bottom from the center console.
2. Lift the sleeve. Unplug the cable connec‐
tor, if needed.
3. Using the screwdriver from the onboard
vehicle tool kit, refer to page 219, press
the yellow release lever downward, arrow.
4. Move the selector lever slightly toward the
rear; to do this press the button on the
front of the selector lever.
Release the release lever.
5. Bring the selector lever into the desired
For additional information, see the chapter on
tow-starting and towing.
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