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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Intervention by braking or make an evasive ma‐
Person warning
Symbol in the instrument cluster.
If a collision with a person detected in
this way is imminent, the symbol lights
up and a signal sounds.
Orange lights
Active Cruise Control
The number bars shows the selected
distance from the vehicle driving
Camera-based cruise control with Stop&Go
function, ACC, refer to page 131.
Vehicle detection, Active Cruise Control
Indicator light illuminates: a vehicle has
been detected ahead of you.
Indicator light flashes: the conditions
are not adequate for the system to work.
The system was deactivated but applies the
brakes until you actively resume control by
pressing on the brake pedal or accelerator
Yellow lights
Anti-lock Braking System ABS
Braking force boost may not be work‐
ing. Avoid abrupt braking. Take the lon‐
ger braking distance into account.
Have the system immediately checked
by a dealer’s service center or another
qualified service center or repair shop.
DSC Dynamic Stability Control
The indicator light flashes: DSC con‐
trols the drive and braking forces. The
vehicle is stabilized. Reduce speed and
adapt driving style to the driving circumstan‐
The indicator light lights up: DSC has malfunc‐
Have the system checked by a dealer’s service
center or another qualified service center or re‐
pair shop.
DSC Dynamic Stability Control, refer to
page 125.
DSC Dynamic Stability Control is
deactivated or DTC Dynamic Traction
Control is activated
DSC Dynamic Stability Control is deac‐
tivated or DTC Dynamic Traction Con‐
trol is activated.
DSC Dynamic Stability Control, refer to
page 125, and DTC Dynamic Traction Control,
refer to page 126.
Flat Tire Monitor FTM
The Flat Tire Monitor signals a loss of
tire inflation pressure in a tire.
Reduce your speed and stop cau‐
tiously. Avoid sudden braking and steering ma‐
Flat Tire Monitor, refer to page 112.
Tire Pressure Monitor TPM
The indicator light illuminates.
The Tire Pressure Monitor reports a
low tire inflation pressure or a flat tire.
Observe the information in the Check Control
The indicator light flashes and then illuminates
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