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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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country and continental region in order to de‐
liver the full driving pleasure while the vehicle
is operated under those conditions. If you wish
to operate your vehicle in another country or
region, you may be required to adapt your ve‐
hicle to meet different prevailing operating
conditions and homologation requirements.
You should also be aware of any applicable
warranty limitations or exclusions for such
country or region. In such case, please contact
Customer Relations for further information.
Maintain the vehicle regularly to sustain the
road safety, operational reliability and the New
Vehicle Limited Warranty.
Specifications for required maintenance meas‐
BMW Maintenance system
Service and Warranty Information Booklet
for US models
Warranty and Service Guide Booklet for
Canadian models
If the vehicle is not maintained according to
these specifications, this could result in seri‐
ous damage to the vehicle. Such damage is
not covered by the BMW New Vehicle Limited
Data memory
Many electronic components on your vehicle
are equipped with data memories that tempo‐
rarily or permanently store technical informa‐
tion about the condition of the vehicle, events
and faults. This technical information generally
records the state of a component, a module, a
system or the environment:
Operating states of system components,
e.g., fill levels.
Status messages for the vehicle and from
its individual components, e.g., wheel rota‐
tion speed, wheel speed, deceleration,
transverse acceleration.
Malfunctions and faults in important sys‐
tem components, e.g., lights and brakes.
Responses by the vehicle to special situa‐
tions such as airbag deployment or en‐
gagement of the stability control systems.
Ambient conditions, such as temperature.
This data is purely technical in nature and is
used to detect and correct faults and to opti‐
mize vehicle functions. Motion profiles over
routes traveled cannot be created from this
data. When service offerings are used, e.g., re‐
pair services, service processes, warranty
claims, quality assurance, this technical infor‐
mation can be read out from the event and
fault memories by employees of a dealer’s
service center or another qualified service cen‐
ter or repair shop, including the manufacturer,
using special diagnostic tools. You can obtain
further information there if you need it. After an
error is corrected, the information in the fault
memory is deleted or overwritten on a continu‐
ous basis.
With the vehicle in use there are situations
where you can associate this technical data
with individuals if combined with other infor‐
mation, e.g., an accident report, damage to the
vehicle, eye witness accounts — possibly with
the assistance of an expert.
Additional functions that are contractually
agreed with the customer — such as vehicle
emergency locating — allow certain vehicle
data to be transmitted from the vehicle.
Event Data Recorder EDR
This vehicle is equipped with an event data re‐
corder EDR. The main purpose of an EDR is to
record, in certain crash or near crash-like situa‐
tions, such as an air bag deployment or hitting
a road obstacle, data that will assist in under‐
standing how a vehicle’s systems performed.
The EDR is designed to record data related to
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