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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2017 BMW X1
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Units of measurement
Setting the units of measurement
To set the units for fuel consumption, route/
distance and temperature:
1. "Settings"
2. "Language/Units"
3. Select the desired menu item.
4. Select the desired unit.
Settings are stored for the profile currently
Setting the brightness
To set the brightness of the Control Display:
2. "Control display"
3. "Brightness"
4. Turn the controller until the desired bright‐
ness is set.
5. Press the controller.
Settings are stored for the profile currently
Depending on the light conditions, the bright‐
ness settings may not be clearly visible.
Activating/deactivating the display of
the current vehicle position
If GPS geolocation has been activated, the cur‐
rent vehicle position can be displayed in the
BMW ConnectedDrive app or in the Connec‐
tedDrive customer portal.
Using iDrive:
2. "GPS tracking"
3. "GPS tracking"
Head-up Display
This system projects important information
into the driver's field of vision, e.g., the speed.
The driver can quickly absorb information and
concentrate on the traffic situation.
Switching on/off
2. "Head-Up Display"
3. "Head-Up Display"
The following information is displayed on the
Head-up Display:
Navigation system.
Check Control messages.
Selection list from the instrument cluster.
Driver assistance systems.
Some of this information is only displayed
briefly as needed.
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Controls Displays
Online Edition for Part no. 01 40 2 974 556 - X/16

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