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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel
Vehicle features and
This chapter describes all standard, country-spe‐
cific and optional features offered with the series.
It also describes features that are not necessarily
available in your vehicle, e. g., due to the selected
options or country versions. This also applies to
safety-related functions and systems. When us‐
ing these functions and systems, the applicable
laws and regulations must be observed.
Sitting safely
An ideal seating position that meets the needs of
the occupants can make a vital contribution to
relaxed, fatigue-free driving.
In the event of an accident, the correct seating
position plays an important role. Follow the infor‐
mation in the following chapters:
Seats, refer to page 102.
Safety belts, refer to page 104.
Head restraints, refer to page 106.
Airbags, refer to page 164.
Seats, front
Safety information
Seat adjustments while driving can lead to un‐
expected movements of the seat. Vehicle con‐
trol could be lost. There is a risk of an accident.
Only adjust the seat on the driver's side when
the vehicle is stationary.
With a backrest inclined too far to the rear, the
efficacy of the safety belt can no longer be en‐
sured. There is a risk of sliding under the safety
belt in an accident. There is a risk of injuries or
danger to life. Adjust the seat prior to starting
the trip. Adjust the backrest so that it is in the
most upright position as possible and do not
adjust again while driving.
There is a risk of jamming when moving the
seats. There is a risk of injury or risk of damage
to property. Make sure that the area of move‐
ment of the seat is clear prior to any adjust‐
Electrically adjustable seats
General information
The seat adjustment for the driver's seat is
stored for the driver profile currently used. When
the vehicle is unlocked via the remote control,
the position is automatically retrieved if the func‐
tion, refer to page 95, is activated for this pur‐
The current seat position can be stored using
the memory function, refer to page 111.
Seite 102
Seats, mirrors, and steering wheel
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