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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Body parts can be jammed when moving the
head restraint. There is a risk of injury. Make
sure that the area of movement is clear when
moving the head restraint.
Objects on the head restraint reduce the pro‐
tective effect in the head and neck area. There
is a risk of injury.
Do not use seat or head restraint covers.
Do not hang objects, for instance clothes
hangers, directly on the head restraint.
Only use accessories that have been de‐
termined to be safe for attachment to a
head restraint.
Do not use any accessories, for instance
pillows, while driving.
Folding down the head restraint
To improve the view to the rear, the head re‐
straints can be folded back. Only fold the head
restraint back if no one will be sitting in the corre‐
sponding seat.
To the rear: press the button, arrow 1, and
fold the head restraint backward.
Forward: fold the head restraint toward the
front as far as it will go. Make sure that the
head restraint engages correctly.
Adjusting the height
The height of the outer head restraints can be
To lower: press the button, arrow 1, and push
the head restraint down.
To raise: push the head restraint up.
After setting the height, move the head restraint
up or down slightly, making sure it engages
Only remove the head restraint if no one will be
sitting in the seat in question.
Fold down the rear seat backrest, refer to
page 264, in question.
2. Raise the head restraint up against the resist‐
3. Press the button, arrow 1, and pull the head
restraint out completely.
Proceed in the reverse order to install the head
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