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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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change the backrest width again and do not call
up a memory position.
Child seat security
The safety belts in the rear and the front passen‐
ger safety belt can be permanently locked to fas‐
ten child restraint systems.
Locking the safety belt
Pull out the belt strap completely.
2. Secure the child restraint system with the
safety belt.
3. Allow the belt strap to be pulled in and pull it
tight against the child restraint system. The
safety belt is locked.
Unlocking the safety belt
Unbuckle the safety belt buckle.
2. Remove the child restraint system.
3. Allow the belt strap to be pulled in com‐
LATCH child restraint fixing
General information
LATCH: Lower Anchors and Tether for Children.
Pay attention to the specifications and the oper‐
ating and safety information of the LATCH child
restraint fixing system manufacturer when se‐
lecting, installing, and using child restraint sys‐
Mounts for the lower LATCH
General information
The lower anchors may be used to attach the
CRS to the vehicle seat up to a combined child
and CRS weight of 65 lbs/30 kg when the child is
restrained by the internal harnesses.
Safety information
If the LATCH child restraint fixing systems are
not correctly engaged, the protective effect of
the LATCH child restraint fixing system can be
limited. There is a risk of injuries or danger to
life. Make sure that the lower anchors are se‐
curely engaged and that the LATCH child re‐
straint fixing system fits securely against the
Symbol Meaning
The corresponding symbol
shows the mounts for the lower
LATCH anchors.
Seats equipped with lower an‐
chors are marked with a pair, 2,
of LATCH symbols.
For vehicles equipped with a
middle seat:
It is not recommended to use
the inner lower anchors of
standard outer LATCH positions
to fasten a child restraint system
on the middle seat. Use the ve‐
hicle safety belt instead for the
middle seat.
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Transporting children safely
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