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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Selector lever position P is engaged auto‐
2. Set the parking brake.
Automatic deactivation
General information
In certain situations, the Auto Start/Stop function
is deactivated automatically for safety reasons,
for instance if no driver is detected.
The Auto Start/Stop function no longer switches
off the engine automatically. A Check Control
message is displayed. It is possible to continue
driving. Have the system checked by a dealer’s
service center or another qualified service center
or repair shop.
Parking brake
The parking brake is used to prevent the vehicle
from rolling when it is parked.
Safety information
An unsecured vehicle can begin to move and
possibly roll away. There is a risk of an accident.
Before exiting, secure the vehicle against roll‐
In order to ensure that the vehicle is secured
against rolling away, follow the following:
Set the parking brake.
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
turn the front wheels in the direction of the
On uphill grades or on a downhill slope,
also secure the vehicle, for instance with a
wheel chock.
Unattended children or animals can cause the
vehicle to move and endanger themselves and
traffic, for instance due to the following actions:
Pressing the Start/Stop button.
Releasing the parking brake.
Opening and closing the doors or win‐
Engaging selector lever position N.
Using vehicle equipment.
There is a risk of accidents or injuries. Do not
leave children or animals unattended in the ve‐
hicle. Take the remote control with you when
exiting and lock the vehicle.
Parking brake
With a stationary vehicle
Pull the switch.
The LED lights up.
The indicator light in the instrument clus‐
ter illuminates red. The parking brake is
While driving
To use as emergency brake while driving:
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