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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Press the lever up once from its standard posi‐
tion, arrow 1.
Wiping is started.
The LED in the wiper lever is illuminated.
If wipers are frozen to windshield, wiper opera‐
tion is deactivated.
Press the lever back into the standard position.
Adjusting the rain sensor sensitivity
Turn the thumbwheel to adjust the sensitivity of
the rain sensor.
Upward: high rain sensor sensitivity.
Downward: low rains sensor sensitivity.
Windshield washer system
Safety information
The washer fluid can freeze onto the window at
low temperatures and obstruct the view. There
is a risk of an accident. Only use the washer
systems, if the washer fluid cannot freeze. Use
washer fluid with antifreeze, if needed.
When the washer fluid reservoir is empty, the
wash pump cannot work as intended. There is
a risk of damage to property. Do not use the
washer system when the washer fluid reservoir
is empty.
Cleaning the windshield
Pull the lever.
The system sprays washer fluid on the wind‐
shield and activates the wipers briefly.
Windshield washer nozzles
The windshield washer nozzles are automatically
heated while standby state is switched on.
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