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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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In this way, standby state remains switched
on, and a Check Control message is dis‐
The vehicle may roll.
Selector lever position P is automatically en‐
gaged when standby state is switched off.
There is a risk of damage to property. Do not
switch standby state off in vehicle washes.
Irrespective of standby state, the selector lever
position P is automatically engaged after approx.
35 minutes.
If there is a malfunction, you may not be able to
change the selector lever position.
Electronically unlock the transmission lock, if
needed, refer to page 136.
Kickdown is used to achieve maximum driving
Step on the accelerator pedal beyond the resist‐
ance point at the full throttle position.
Sport program M/S
The shifting points and shifting times in the
Sport program are designed for a sportier driving
style. The transmission, for instance shifts up
later and the shifting times are shorter.
Activating the sport program
Press the selector lever to the left out of selector
lever position D.
The engaged gear is displayed in the instrument
cluster, for instance S1.
The sport program of the transmission is acti‐
Ending the Sport program
Push the selector lever to the right.
D is displayed in the instrument cluster.
Manual mode M/S
Manual gear-shifting is possible in manual mode.
Activating manual mode
Press the selector lever to the left out of se‐
lector lever position D, arrow 1.
2. Push the selector lever forward or pull it
backward, arrows 2.
Manual mode becomes active and the gear is
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