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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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The engaged gear is displayed in the instrument
cluster, for instance M1.
To shift down: press the selector lever for‐
To shift up: pull the selector lever rearwards.
The transmission continues shifting automati‐
cally in certain situations, for instance when
speed limits are reached.
Steptronic Sport transmission:
prevent automatic upshifting in M/S
manual mode
If driving mode SPORT, refer to page 138, is se‐
lected, the Steptronic Sport transmission does
not automatically upshift in M/S manual mode
once the maximum speed is reached.
Depending on the BMW M drive configuration,
this function is active independently of the driv‐
ing mode.
In addition, there is no downshifting for kick‐
Ending the manual mode
Push the selector lever to the right.
D is displayed in the instrument cluster.
Shift paddles
The shift paddles on the steering wheel allow
you to shift gears quickly while keeping both
hands on the steering wheel.
General information
The vehicle only shifts at suitable engine and
road speeds.
Short-term manual mode
In selector lever position D, actuating a shift pad‐
dle switches into manual mode temporarily.
After conservative driving in manual mode with‐
out acceleration or shifting via the shift paddles
for a certain amount of time, the transmission
switches back to automatic mode.
It is possible to switch into automatic mode as
Pull and hold right shift paddle.
In addition to the briefly pulled right shift pad‐
dle, briefly pull the left shift paddle.
Continuous manual mode
In selector lever position S, actuating a shift pad‐
dle switches into manual mode permanently.
Steptronic Sport transmission
With the appropriate transmission version, the
lowest possible gear can be selected by simulta‐
neously activating kickdown and operating the
left shift paddles. This is not possible in short-
term manual mode.
To shift up: briefly pull right shift paddle.
To shift down: briefly pull left shift paddle.
The lowest possible gear can be selected by
pulling and holding the left shift paddle.
The selected gear is briefly displayed in the in‐
strument cluster, followed by the current gear.
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