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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Vehicle features and
This chapter describes all standard, country-spe‐
cific and optional features offered with the series.
It also describes features that are not necessarily
available in your vehicle, e. g., due to the selected
options or country versions. This also applies to
safety-related functions and systems. When us‐
ing these functions and systems, the applicable
laws and regulations must be observed.
Instrument cluster
General information
Depending on the vehicle equipment, it may be
possible to deactivate the display change in the
instrument cluster via iDrive.
Some of the displays in the instrument cluster
may differ from the illustrations in this Owner's
1 Fuel gage  145
Instrument cluster with enhanced features:
range  146
2 Speedometer
3 Time  146
External temperature  146
Variable displays
Service requirements  146
4 Instrument cluster with enhanced features:
tachometer  145
Instrument cluster with enhanced features:
ECO PRO displays  280
5 Engine temperature  145
6 Navigation display
Transmission display
Status, Driving Dynamics Control  137
7 Check Control  141
Onboard Computer  150
8 Variable displays
Speed Limit Info  148
Instrument cluster without enhanced fea‐
Range  146
9 Reset miles  151
Instrument cluster with
enhanced features: setting the
operating mode
Depending on the equipment, the instrument
cluster can be set to three different operating
modes in addition to the driving mode.
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Displays"
4. "Instrument panel"
5. Select desired setting:
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