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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Steering system
Steering system may not be working.
Have the system checked by a dealer’s
service center or another qualified serv‐
ice center or repair shop.
The warning light lights up:
Emissions are deteriorating. Have the
vehicle checked as soon as possible.
The warning light flashes under certain cir‐
This indicates that there is excessive misfiring
in the engine.
Reduce the vehicle speed and have the sys‐
tem checked immediately; otherwise, serious
engine misfiring within a brief period can seri‐
ously damage emission control components,
in particular the catalytic converter.
Socket for Onboard Diagnosis, refer to
page 335.
Green lights
Safety belt reminder for rear seats
The safety belt is buckled on the corre‐
sponding rear seat.
Turn signal
Turn signal switched on.
Unusually rapid flashing of the indicator
light indicates that a turn signal bulb has
Turn signal, refer to page 127.
Parking lights, headlight
Parking lights or headlights are switched
Parking light/low beams, automatic headlight
control, refer to page 157.
Lane departure warning
The indicator light lights up: the system
is activated. At least one lane marking
was detected and warnings can be is‐
Lane departure warning, refer to page 178.
Front fog lights
Front fog lights are switched on.
Front fog lights, refer to page 161.
High-beam Assistant
High-beam Assistant is switched on.
High beams are switched on and off au‐
tomatically depending on the traffic sit‐
High-beam Assistant, refer to page 160.
Automatic Hold
Automatic Hold is activated. The vehicle
is automatically held in place when it is
Automatic Hold, refer to page 125.
Blue lights
High beams
High beams are switched on.
High beams, refer to page 127.
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