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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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4. "Instrument panel"
5. "Road signs"
General information
Speed Limit Info is displayed in the instrument
cluster and, if applicable, in the Head-up Display.
Speed Limit Info
Current speed limit.
Speed Limit Info not available.
System limits
The system may not be fully functional and may
provide incorrect information in the following sit‐
In heavy fog, wet conditions, or snowfall.
When signs are fully or partially concealed by
objects, stickers or paint.
When driving very close to the vehicle in front
of you.
When driving toward bright lights or strong
When the windshield in front of the interior
mirror is fogged over, dirty or covered by a
sticker, etc.
If the camera has overheated and been tem‐
porarily switched off due to excessively high
In the event of incorrect detection by the
If the speed limits or road data stored in the
navigation system are incorrect.
If the speed limits vary with the time of day
and the day of the week.
In areas not covered by the navigation sys‐
When roads differ from the navigation, such
as due to changes in road routing.
In case of electronic traffic signs.
When passing buses or trucks with traffic
signs applied to them.
If the traffic signs are non-conforming.
When signs that are valid for a parallel road
are detected.
In the presence of country-specific signs and
road configurations.
During calibration of the camera immediately
after vehicle delivery.
Selection lists
General information
Depending on your vehicle's equipment, the fol‐
lowing can be displayed or operated using the
buttons and the thumbwheel on the steering
wheel as well as the displays in the instrument
cluster and the Head-up Display:
Current audio source.
Redial phone feature.
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