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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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The setting is stored for the driver profile cur‐
rently used.
Information in detail
Odometer and trip odometer
Displaying/resetting miles
Press the knob to display the
trip miles.
When the drive-ready state is
switched off, miles and trip
miles are displayed.
Keep the knob pressed down to reset the trip
Odometer, arrow 1.
Trip odometer, arrow 2.
Navigation data
General information
The estimated time of arrival and the distance re‐
maining to the destination are displayed if a des‐
tination is entered in the navigation system be‐
fore the trip is started.
Time of arrival, arrow 1.
Distance to destination, arrow 2.
Consumption display
During energy recovery, the kinetic energy of the
vehicle is converted into electric energy during
coasting. The vehicle battery is partially charged
and fuel consumption can be reduced.
The current consumption displays the current
consumption of fuel. Check whether you are cur‐
rently driving in an efficient and environmentally-
friendly manner.
General information
Energy recovery and current consumption can
be displayed as bar displays in the Onboard
Energy recovery, arrow 1.
Average consumption, arrow 2.
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