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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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"Engine oil level": Electronic engine oil
level check, refer to page 328.
"Diesel exhaust fluid": BMW Advanced
Diesel, refer to page 292.
"Check Control": Check Control mes‐
sages are stored in the background and can
be displayed on the Control Display. Display‐
ing stored Check Control messages, refer to
page 144.
"Service required": Displaying service
requirements, refer to page 146.
"Teleservice Call": service request.
Head-up Display
This system projects important information into
the driver's field of vision, for instance the speed.
The driver can get information without averting
his or her eyes from the road.
General information
Read the information for cleaning the Head-up
Display, refer to page 355.
Switching on/off
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Displays"
4. "Head-Up Display"
5. "Head-Up Display"
The following information is displayed on the
Head-up Display:
Navigation instructions.
Check Control messages.
Selection list in the instrument cluster.
Driver assistance systems.
Some of this information is only displayed briefly
as needed.
Selecting the view
Various views are available for the Head-up Dis‐
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Displays"
4. "Head-Up Display"
5. Select desired setting:
"STANDARD": all displays in the Head-up
Display are active.
"REDUCED": the displays in the Head-up
Display are reduced to the minimum.
"INDIVIDUAL": all displays in the Head-up
Display are active. Individual displays
such as Check Control messages can be
selected individually.
The setting is stored for the driver profile cur‐
rently used.
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