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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Adaptive headlight range
The adaptive headlight range control compen‐
sates for acceleration and braking operations in
order not to blind the oncoming traffic and to
achieve optimum illumination of the roadway.
High-beam Assistant
The high-beam Assistant detects other traffic
participants early on and automatically switches
the high beams on or off depending on the traffic
General information
The high-beam Assistant ensures that the high
beams are switched on, whenever the traffic sit‐
uation allows. In the low speed range, the high
beams are not switched on by the system.
The system responds to light from oncoming
traffic and traffic driving ahead of you, and to am‐
bient lighting, for instance in towns and cities.
The high beams can be switched on and off
manually at any time.
Position of switch:
Press and hold the button on the turn signal
The indicator light in the instrument clus‐
ter is illuminated when the low beams are
switched on.
The headlights are automatically switched be‐
tween low beams and high beams.
The blue indicator light in the instrument
cluster lights up when the system
switches on the high beams.
The high-beam Assistant is deactivated when
manually switching the high beams on and off,
refer to page 127.
To reactivate the high-beam Assistant, press the
button on the turn signal lever.
Sensitivity of the high-beam
General information
The sensitivity of the high-beam Assistant can
be adjusted.
Safety information
If adjustments have been made or the sensitiv‐
ity has been modified, oncoming traffic may be
momentarily blinded. There is a risk of an acci‐
dent. If adjustments have been made and the
sensitivity has been modified, make sure that
oncoming traffic is not momentarily blinded.
Switch off the high beams manually if required.
Adjusting the sensitivity
Pull the turn signal lever for approxi‐
mately 10 seconds. The system responds more
A Check Control message is displayed.
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