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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Switching on/off manually
Press the button.
The menu for the intelligent safety sys‐
tem is displayed.
If all Intelligent Safety systems were switched off,
all systems are now switched on.
"Configure INDIVIDUAL": depending on the
equipment version, the Intelligent Safety sys‐
tems can be individually configured. The individ‐
ual settings are activated and stored for the
driver profile currently used. As soon as a setting
is changed on the menu, all settings of the menu
are activated.
Press the button repeatedly.
The following settings are switched be‐
"ALL ON": all Intelligent Safety systems are
switched on. Basic settings are activated for the
"INDIVIDUAL": the Intelligent Safety systems are
switched on according to the individual settings.
Some Intelligent Safety systems cannot be indi‐
vidually switched off.
Press and hold this button.
All Intelligent Safety systems are
switched off.
Button Status
Button lights up green: all Intelligent
Safety systems are switched on.
Button lights up orange: some Intelli‐
gent Safety systems are switched off
or currently unavailable.
Button does not light up: all Intelligent
Safety systems are switched off.
Warning with braking function
If a collision with a person detected in this way is
imminent, a warning symbol appears on the in‐
strument cluster and in the Head-up Display.
The red symbol is displayed and a signal
Alternatively, depending on the vehicle
equipment, a red warning triangle lights
up in the instrument cluster.
Intervene immediately by braking or make an
evasive maneuver.
Braking intervention
The warning prompts the driver to react. During
a warning, the maximum braking force is used
when the brake is actuated. Prerequisite for the
brake booster is sufficiently quick and hard step‐
ping on the brake pedal.
If there is a risk of collision, the system may also
assist with braking.
When the vehicle is traveling at a low speed, the
vehicle may come to a complete stop.
The braking intervention occurs only if vehicle
stability has not been restricted, for instance by
deactivating the DSC Dynamic Stability Control.
The driver may cancel the braking intervention
by stepping on the accelerator pedal or by ac‐
tively moving the steering wheel.
Object detection can be restricted. Follow the
limitations of the detection range and functional
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