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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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driving forces to the front and rear axles as de‐
manded by the driving situation and road surface.
Display on the Control Display
Displaying xDrive view
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Technology in action"
3. "xDrive status"
The following information is displayed:
With a navigation system: compass display
for the driving direction.
Pitch attitude with degree indication and per‐
Transverse gradient with degree indication.
Graphic display for the steering angle.
Automatic Differential
The system controls the driving force by auto‐
matic braking intervention on individual wheels.
The function corresponds to a differential lock:
the system detects if a wheel begins to spin, be‐
cause of loose road surface, for instance and au‐
tomatically brakes it.
The driving force is diverted to the wheel with
better traction.
As a result, the engine force is transferred more
efficiently to the wheels during accelerations.
HDC Hill Descent Control
Hill Descent Control, HDC, is a downhill control
feature that controls the vehicle speed on steep
downhill grades, for instance when driving on un‐
paved roads.
When the system is active, the vehicle moves at
the speed set by the driver, without the driver
having to depress the brake pedal.
While HTC is controlling the speed, the system
automatically distributes the braking force to the
individual wheels. This improves vehicle drivabil‐
ity and stability. If necessary, the Antilock Brake
System prevents the wheels from locking.
General information
Hill Descent Control can be activated at speeds
below approx. 25 mph/40 km/h.
Speeds can be set between approx.
2 mph/3 km/h and approx. 20 mph/30 km/h.
When the vehicle is moving downhill, the system
reduces the speed to the set value, within the
physical limits.
Button in the vehicle
Activating HDC
Press the button. The LED above the but‐
ton lights up.
Speeds between approx. 2 mph/3 km/h and ap‐
prox. 20 mph/30 km/h are adopted as the de‐
sired speed.
Emergency braking function, Active PDC: the
emergency braking function, refer to page 213,
is deactivated.
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Driving stability control systems
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