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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Speed between approx. 43 mph, 70 km/h
and approx. 110 mph, 180 km/h.
Changing lanes
1. Ensure that the traffic situation permits
changing lanes.
2. Press the turn indicator lever, refer to
page 127, in the required direction to the
pressure point for signaling briefly and hold it
Steering support in the required direction can
be detected a short time later.
After the lane change, the system helps keep the
vehicle in the new lane.
Canceling a lane change
If the turn signal lever is released too soon, the
system helps the driver keep to the original lane.
System limits
General information
The system cannot be activated or meaningfully
used in certain situations.
Safety information
The system can react not at all, too late, incor‐
rectly, or without justification due to the system
limits. There is a risk of accidents or risk of
damage to property. Follow the information re‐
garding the system limits and actively intervene
if needed.
Hands on the steering wheel
The sensors cannot detect hand-steering wheel
contact in the following situations:
Driving with gloves.
Protective covers on the steering wheel.
Narrow lanes
When driving within narrow lanes, the system
cannot be activated or effectively used, for in‐
stance in the following situations:
In construction areas.
In rescue lanes.
Within city limits.
The following restrictions can occur under unfav‐
orable weather or light conditions:
Poorer recognition of vehicles and lane mark‐
Short-term interruptions for vehicles that are
already recognized.
Examples of unfavorable weather or light condi‐
Wet conditions.
Drive attentively, and react to the current traffic
situation. If necessary, intervene actively, for in‐
stance by braking, steering or evading.
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