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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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PDC Park Distance Control
PDC is a support when parking. Objects that you
are approaching slowly in front of or behind the
vehicle are indicated by signal tones and a dis‐
play on the Control Display.
With Parking Assistant: obstacles on the side of
the vehicle that are detected by the sensors of
the parking assistant, may also be reported by
the side protection function, refer to page 214.
General information
The ultrasound sensors for distance measure‐
ments are located in the bumpers and possibly
on the sides of the vehicle.
The maneuvering range, depending on the ob‐
stacle and environmental conditions, is approx.
6 ft/2 m.
An acoustic warning sounds in case of an im‐
pending collision at a distance to the object of
approx. 27 in/70 cm.
For objects behind the vehicle, the acoustic
warning is already issued at a distance to the ob‐
ject of approx. 5 ft/1.50 m.
Safety information
The system cannot serve as a substitute for the
driver’s personal judgment in assessing the
traffic situation. Based on the limits of the sys‐
tem, it cannot independently react to all traffic
situations. There is a risk of an accident. Adjust
driving style to traffic conditions. Watch traffic
closely and actively intervene where appropri‐
Due to high speeds when PDC Park Distance
Control is activated, the warning can be de‐
layed due to physical circumstances. There is a
risk of injury or risk of damage to property.
Avoid approaching an object too fast. Avoid
driving off fast while PDC Park Distance Control
is not yet active.
Button in the vehicle
Park assistance button
Ultrasound sensors
Ultrasound sensors of the PDC,
for instance in the bumpers.
Functional requirements
Ensure full functionality:
Do not cover sensors, for instance with stick‐
ers, bicycle racks.
Keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.
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