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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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When driving with a trailer.
If required, deactivate the system via iDrive
where applicable.
With Parking Assistant: side
The system warns of obstacles on the side of
the vehicle.
General information
The system uses the ultrasound sensors of PDC
and parking assistant.
To protect the sides of the vehicle, obstacle
markings are displayed on the vehicle at the
Color markings: warning against detected ob‐
Gray markings, hatched area: no obstacles
were detected.
No markings, black area: the area next to the
vehicle was not yet captured.
Limits of side protection
The system only displays stationary obstacles
that were previously detected by sensors while
passing them.
The system does not detect whether an obstacle
moves later on. If the vehicle is stationary, the
markings are shown in black after a certain time.
The area next to the vehicle must be newly cap‐
Side protection is not available, if the trailer
power socket is in use or trailer towing is acti‐
System limits
Safety information
The system can react not at all, too late, incor‐
rectly, or without justification due to the system
limits. There is a risk of accidents or risk of
damage to property. Follow the information re‐
garding the system limits and actively intervene
if needed.
With trailer or trailer power socket in
With a trailer, a trailer power socket in use or
when trailer towing is activated, the two rear PDC
functions will be switched off.
White symbol is displayed.
Depending on the vehicle equipment,
the range of the sensors is shown as a
shaded area on the Control Display.
Limits of ultrasonic measurement
Ultrasonic measurements might not function in
the following situations:
For small children and animals.
For persons with certain clothing, for instance
With external interference of the ultrasound,
for instance from passing vehicles or loud
When sensors are dirty, iced over, damaged
or out of position.
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