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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Ultrasound sensors
With the four side ultrasound sensors, arrows,
and the ultrasound sensors of PDC Park Dis‐
tance Control in the bumpers, the parking
spaces are measured and the distances to ob‐
stacles determined.
Functional requirements
Ultrasound sensors
Ensure full functionality:
Do not cover sensors, for instance with stick‐
Keep the sensors clean and unobstructed.
For measuring parking spaces
Maximum speed while driving forward approx.
22 mph/35 km/h.
Maximum distance to row of parked vehicles:
5 ft/1.5 m.
Suitable parking space
General information:
Gap behind an object that has a min. length
of 1.7 ft/0.5 m.
Gap between two objects with a minimum
length of approx. 1.7 ft/0.5 m.
Parallel parking to the road:
Min. length of gap between two objects: your
vehicle's length plus approx. 2.6 ft/0.8 m.
Minimum depth: approx. 5 ft/1.5 m.
Diagonal parking:
Minimum width of the gap: own vehicle's
width plus approx. 2.3 ft/0.7 m.
Minimum depth: your vehicle's length.
The depth of diagonal parking spaces must
be estimated by the driver. Due to technical
limitations, the system is only able to approxi‐
mate the depth of diagonal parking spaces.
For parking
Doors and tailgate are closed.
The parking brake is released.
Steptronic transmission:
Driver's safety belt is fastened.
Switching on and activating
Switching on with the button
Press park assistance button.
The LED lights up.
The current status of the parking space search is
indicated on the Control Display.
Parking assistant is activated automatically.
Switching on with reverse gear
Shift into reverse.
The current status of the parking space search is
indicated on the Control Display.
To activate: "Parking Assistant"
Display on the Control Display
System activated/deactivated
Gray: the system is not available.
White: the system is available but not
The system is activated.
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