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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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The symbol on the Control Display indi‐
cates that voice activation system is ac‐
If no other commands are possible, operate the
function via iDrive.
Terminating the voice activation system
Press the button on the steering wheel
or ›Cancel‹.
Help on the voice activation system
To have the available spoken instructions
read out loud: ›Voice commands‹.
To have information on the operating princi‐
ple of the voice activation system read out
loud: ›General information on voice control‹.
To have help for the current menu read out
loud: ›Help‹.
Information for Emergency
Do not use the voice activation system to initiate
an Emergency Request. In stressful situations,
the voice and vocal pitch can change. This can
unnecessarily delay the establishment of a
phone connection.
Instead, use the SOS button close to the interior
Drive-ready state
Switching on drive-ready state
Depress the brake pedal.
Press the Start/Stop button.
Switching off drive-ready state
Steptronic transmission:
1. Engage selector lever position P with the ve‐
hicle stopped.
2. Press the Start/Stop button.
The engine is switched off.
3. Set the parking brake.
Auto Start/Stop function
The Auto Start/Stop function switches the en‐
gine off automatically while stationary to save
fuel. The engine starts automatically under the
following preconditions:
Steptronic transmission:
By releasing the brake pedal.
When Automatic Hold is activated: press the
accelerator pedal.
Parking brake
Pull the switch.
The LED and indicator light light up.
With drive-ready state switched on:
Steptronic transmission: press the switch
while the brake is pressed or selector lever posi‐
tion P is set.
The LED and indicator light go out.
The parking brake is released.
The parking brake is automatically set if the vehi‐
cle is being held by Automatic Hold and the
drive-ready state is switched off or the vehicle is
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