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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Steptronic transmission
Engaging selector lever position D,
N, R
Drive mode D.
Neutral N.
Reverse R.
With the driver's safety belt fastened, briefly push
the selector lever in the desired direction, past a
resistance point, if needed. The selector lever re‐
turns to the center position in each case.
To prevent the vehicle from creeping after you
select a drive mode or reverse, maintain pressure
on the brake pedal until you are ready to start.
A selector lever lock prevents the inadvertent
shifting to selector lever position R or the inad‐
vertent shifting from selector lever position P.
Engage selector lever position R only when the
vehicle is stationary.
Releasing the selector lever lock
Press the button.
Engaging P
Engage selector lever position P only when the
vehicle is stationary.
Press button P.
Steptronic transmission, Sport
program and manual mode
Activate the sport program/manual mode:
Press the selector lever to the left out of selector
lever position D.
Manual mode:
To shift down: press the selector lever for‐
To shift up: pull the selector lever rearwards.
End the sport program/manual mode:
Push the selector lever to the right.
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