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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Storage compartment in
the rear center console
The rear center console contains one or two
storage compartments.
Center armrest
General information
A storage compartment is located in the center
armrest between the seats.
Press the button.
Press cover down until it engages.
Cup holders
Safety information
Unsuitable containers in the cup holder may
damage the cup holders or thrown into the
car's interior, such as in the event of an acci‐
dent, braking or evasive maneuver. Spilled liq‐
uids can distract from the traffic conditions and
lead to an accident. Hot drinks can damage the
cup holder or lead to scalding. There is a risk of
injury or risk of damage to property. Do not
force objects into the cup holder. Use light-
weight, unbreakable, and sealable containers.
Do not transport hot beverages.
Slide the cover forward.
Two cup holders are located in the center con‐
Slide the cover rearward.
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Storage compartments
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