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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Keep the activation times of the electronic sys‐
tems/power consumers short when towing a
camper to save the vehicle battery power.
Trailer tail lights
Turn signals/brake lights: 54 watts per side.
Rear lights: 100 watts in total.
Backup light: 54 watts in total.
Towing a trailer
General information
When driving with a trailer or load carrier and the
trailer socket not in use, some driver assistance
systems may have functional limitations or may
To prevent malfunctions, activate trailer towing,
refer to page 277.
When the trailer socket is in use or trailer towing
is activated, some driver assistance systems are
unavailable, or available to a limited extent. A
Check Control message is displayed where ap‐
Safety information
Depending on the design and loading of trail‐
ers, they may begin swinging at speeds ex‐
ceeding approx. 50 mph/80 km/h. There is a
risk of accidents or risk of damage to property.
Adapt your speed when driving with a trailer.
Immediately brake in the case of swinging. Ap‐
ply necessary steering corrections as carefully
as possible.
The tire inflation pressure must be adjusted to
the increased axle load in trailer towing. Driving
with too low tire inflation pressure can damage
the tires. There is a risk of accidents or risk of
damage to property. Do not exceed a speed
of 60 mph / 100 km/h. Increase the tire inflation
pressure of the towing vehicle by 0.2 bar. Note
the maximum possible tire inflation pressure in‐
dicated on the tire.
Uphill grades
General information
In the interest of safety and to avoid hindering
the smooth flow of traffic, the towing of trailers is
permissible on uphill grades up to 12 %.
If higher trailer loads are approved at a later point
in time, the gradient limit is 8 %.
Starting on uphill grades
The parking brake is Automatically released
when the accelerator pedal is activated.
In order to prevent rolling back during starting,
use the parking brake.
1. Pull and release switch before starting
The parking brake is set.
2. Accelerated enough to start off.
A vehicle-trailer combination has the tendency to
swing more readily on hills.
Manually shift down to the next lower gear be‐
fore driving on a hill and drive downhill slowly.
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Trailer towing
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