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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Display in the instrument cluster
General information
When ECO PRO driving mode is activated, the
display switches to a special configuration.
Some of the displays may differ from the display
in the instrument cluster.
ECO PRO bonus range
A modified driving style helps you
extend your driving range.
The range extension can be dis‐
played as the bonus range in the
instrument cluster.
The bonus range is shown in the range display.
Depending on the equipment, the blue bar seg‐
ments symbolize the gained range in stages.
If the bonus range appears in gray, the current
driving style is inefficient.
The display turns blue as soon as all conditions
for efficient driving are met.
The bonus range is automatically reset every
time the vehicle is refueled.
Consumption display
Instrument cluster without enhanced
Instrument cluster with enhanced features
Information about the current driving style
A pointer in the consumption display informs
about the current driving style:
The current consumption in relation to the
average consumption is displayed.
Pointer in the area of arrow 1: display of the
energy recovered by coasting or when brak‐
Pointer in the area of arrow 2: display when
If the acceleration is inefficient, the area between
the average consumption and the current con‐
sumption is colored red.
In addition, the following information is displayed,
depending on the situation:
Depending on the equipment: the total dis‐
tance driven while coasting, refer to
page 284.
The total time that the engine has been
switched off, refer to page 122, during auto‐
matic engine stops.
A gear shift indicator, refer to page 147, rec‐
ommending the use of a more efficient gear.
Indications on the Control
Displaying EfficientDynamics
The current efficiency of the ECO PRO functions
can be displayed on the Control Display.
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Saving fuel
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