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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Activating/deactivating coasting via
shift paddles
1. Shift to the highest gear by pulling the right
shift paddle.
2. To activate coasting mode, actuate the right
shift paddle again.
To deactivate, actuate the left shift paddle.
Instrument cluster without
enhanced features
The mark in the consumption dis‐
play below the tachometer is lo‐
cated at the zero point and is
backlit in blue. The tachometer
approximately indicates idle
Instrument cluster with enhanced
The mark in the consumption dis‐
play is located at the zero point
and is backlit in blue.
The distance traveled is indicated in coast‐
ing mode.
Display on the Control Display
The coasting mode is displayed in
EfficientDynamics while driving.
The distance traveled in coasting mode is shown
in the consumption history. The counter is reset
with every refueling.
Color code blue: coasting mode.
Display EfficientDynamics
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Technology in action"
3. "EfficientDynamics"
System limits
The function is not available under one of the fol‐
lowing conditions.
DSC OFF or TRACTION activated.
Driving in the dynamic limit range and on
steep uphill or downhill grades.
Battery charge status temporarily too low or
vehicle electrical system drawing excessive
Trailer towing.
Driving style analysis
The function helps develop an especially effi‐
cient driving style and to conserve fuel.
For this purpose, the driving style is analyzed.
The assessment is done in various categories
and is displayed on the Control Display.
This display will help you adjust your driving style
and save some fuel.
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Saving fuel
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