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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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BMW Advanced Diesel
BMW Advanced Diesel reduces nitrogen oxides
in the diesel emissions by injecting diesel ex‐
haust fluid into the exhaust system. A chemical
reaction takes place inside the catalytic converter
that minimizes nitrogen oxides.
General information
The vehicle has a tank that must be refilled.
To be able to establish the drive-ready state as
usual, there must be an adequate amount of die‐
sel exhaust fluid.
Diesel exhaust fluid can be refilled at any time.
Diesel exhaust fluid is available at many gas sta‐
If possible, refill diesel exhaust fluid using a fuel
pump, refer to page 293.
Diesel exhaust fluid at low
Due to its physical properties, it is possible that
the diesel exhaust fluid may need to be replen‐
ished more frequently if exposed to tempera‐
tures under +23 ℉/-5 ℃.
At temperatures below +12 ℉/-11 ℃, it may
only be possible to measure and display the fill‐
ing level after a short drive.
At low temperatures, add diesel exhaust fluid
only immediately before driving off.
Displays in the instrument
Reserve level indicator
The reserve level indicator in the instrument
cluster provides information about the distance
that can still be driven with the current reserve
Do not continue driving to the limit of the remain‐
ing travel distance, otherwise it may not be pos‐
sible to activate the drive-ready state again after
switching off.
Light white: refill with diesel
exhaust fluid at the next op‐
Light yellow: not enough die‐
sel exhaust fluid present. The
remaining range is displayed
in the instrument cluster. Im‐
mediately refill with Diesel ex‐
haust fluid, refer to page 293.
Diesel exhaust fluid on minimum
The remaining range is displayed
in the instrument cluster. Add at
least 2.7 US gal/10 liters of diesel
exhaust fluid. The engine will con‐
tinue to run as long as it is not
switched off and all other operating conditions
are satisfied; sufficient fuel, for instance.
System malfunction
A Check Control message is displayed when
there is a system not working.
Visit the nearest dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair shop.
Have the diesel exhaust fluid
BMW recommends that diesel exhaust fluid be
added by the dealer’s service center within the
course of regular maintenance.
In addition, it may be necessary to have the fluid
replenished several times between maintenance
appointments under particular circumstances, for
instance if the vehicle is driven in a particularly
sporty style or if it is operated with a trailer.
The diesel exhaust fluid must be replenished as
soon as the reserve level indicator appears in the
instrument cluster to avoid not being able to re‐
establish the drive-ready state.
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