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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Replenishing diesel exhaust fluid
yourself in exceptional cases
General information
You can replenish Diesel exhaust fluid yourself in
exceptional cases, for instance to get to your
scheduled service.
Safety information
Small amounts of ammonia fumes can escape
when opening the diesel exhaust fluid con‐
tainer. Ammonia fumes have a pungent odor
and irritate skin, mucous membranes, and eyes.
There is a risk of injury. Do not inhale escaping
ammonia fumes. Avoid the contact of articles of
clothing, skin or eyes with diesel exhaust fluid.
Do not swallow any diesel exhaust fluid. Keep
children away from diesel exhaust fluids.
Operating materials, for instance oils, greases,
coolants, fuels, can contain harmful ingredients.
There is a risk of injuries or danger to life. Fol‐
low the instructions on the containers. Avoid
the contact of articles of clothing, skin or eyes
with operating materials. Do not refill operating
materials into different bottles. Store operating
materials out of reach of children.
The diesel exhaust fluid ingredients are very
aggressive. There is a risk of damage to prop‐
erty. Avoid contact of diesel exhaust fluid with
surfaces of the vehicle.
Suitable diesel exhaust fluid
Recommended: BMW Diesel Exhaust Fluid.
With this bottle and its special adapter, diesel
exhaust fluid can be replenished simply and
Alternatively recommended: NOx Diesel ex‐
haust fluid AUS 32.
Diesel exhaust fluid can be purchased at a deal‐
er’s service center or another qualified service
center or repair shop.
Refill quantity
When the reserve level indicator starts, add at
least 1.3 US gal/5 liters.
Tank for diesel exhaust fluid
The fuel cap for diesel exhaust fluids is next to
the fuel cap for the fuel tank.
Adding diesel exhaust fluid at the
fuel pump
General information
When refueling, insert the filler nozzle completely
into the filler pipe. Lifting up the fuel pump nozzle
during refueling causes:
Premature switching off.
Overflow of diesel exhaust fluid.
The tank for diesel exhaust fluid is full when the
filler nozzle clicks off the first time.
Depending on the filling nozzle, it may not be
possible to fill the tank for the diesel exhaust fluid
Follow safety regulations posted at the gas sta‐
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