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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Tire damage
General information
Inspect your tires regularly for damage, foreign
objects lodged in the tread, and tread wear.
Driving over rough or damaged road surfaces, as
well as debris, curbs and other obstacles can
cause serious damage to wheels, tires and sus‐
pension parts. This is more likely to occur with
low-profile tires, which provide less cushioning
between the wheel and the road. Be careful to
avoid road hazards and reduce your speed, es‐
pecially if your vehicle is equipped with low-pro‐
file tires.
Indications of tire damage or other vehicle mal‐
Unusual vibrations.
Unusual tire or running noises.
Unusual handling such as a strong tendency
to pull to the left or right.
Damage can be caused by the following situa‐
tions, for instance:
Driving over curbs.
Road damage.
Tire inflation pressure too low.
Vehicle overloading.
Incorrect tire storage.
Safety information
Damaged tires can lose tire inflation pressure,
which can lead to loss of vehicle control. There
is a risk of an accident. If tire damage is sus‐
pected while driving, immediately reduce speed
and stop. Have wheels and tires checked. For
this purpose, drive carefully to the nearest deal‐
er’s service center or another qualified service
center or repair shop. Have vehicle towed or
transported as needed. Do not repair damaged
tires, but have them replaced.
Tires can become damaged by driving over ob‐
stacles, e.g., curbs or road damage, at high
speed. Larger wheels have a smaller tire cross-
section. The smaller the tire cross-section, the
higher the risk of tire damage. There is a dan‐
ger of accidents and property damage. If possi‐
ble, drive around obstacles, or drive over them
slowly and carefully.
Changing wheels and tires
Mounting and wheel balancing
Have mounting and wheel balancing carried out
by a dealer’s service center or another qualified
service center or repair shop.
Wheel and tire combination
General information
You can ask the dealer’s service center or an‐
other qualified service center or repair shop
about the correct wheel/tire combination and
wheel rim versions for the vehicle.
Safety information
Wheels and tires which are not suitable for your
vehicle can damage parts of the vehicle, for in‐
stance due to contact with the body due to tol‐
erances despite the same official size rating.
There is a risk of an accident. The manufac‐
turer of your vehicle strongly suggests that you
use wheels and tires that have been recom‐
mended by the vehicle manufacturer for your
vehicle type.
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Wheels and tires
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