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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Mounted steel wheels can cause technical
problems, for instance independent loosening
of the lug bolts, damage to the brake discs.
There is a risk of an accident. Do not mount
steel wheels.
Incorrect wheel/tire combinations will have a
negative impact on the vehicle's handling and
on the function of a variety of systems, such as
the Anti-lock Brake System or Dynamic Stabil‐
ity Control. There is a risk of an accident. To
maintain good handling and vehicle response,
use only tires with a single tread configuration
from a single manufacturer. The manufacturer
of the vehicle recommends that you use
wheels and tires that have been recommended
by the vehicle manufacturer for your vehicle
type. Following tire damage, have the original
wheel/tire combination remounted on the vehi‐
cle as soon as possible.
Recommended tire brands
For each tire size, the manufacturer of the vehi‐
cle recommends certain tire brands. The tire
brands can be identified by a star on the tire
New tires
Tire traction is not optimal due to manufacturing
circumstances when tires are brand-new; they
achieve their full traction potential after a break-in
Drive conservatively for the first
200 miles/300 km.
Retreaded tires
Retreaded tires can have different tire casing
structures. With advanced age the service life
can be limited. There is a risk of an accident.
The manufacturer of your vehicle does not rec‐
ommend the use of retreaded tires.
The manufacturer of your vehicle does not rec‐
ommend the use of retreaded tires.
Winter tires
General information
Winter tires are recommended for operating on
winter roads.
Although so-called all-season M+S tires provide
better winter traction than summer tires, they
usually do not provide the same level of perform‐
ance as winter tires.
Safety information
If the vehicle is equipped with an M Sport dif‐
ferential and all-weather tires on 19 inch rims,
this can alter handling, for instance the vehicle
may swerve off course. There is a risk of acci‐
dents or risk of damage to property. If the vehi‐
cle is equipped with an M Sport differential, do
not fit all-weather tires on 19 inch rims.
Maximum speed of winter tires
If the maximum speed of the vehicle is higher
than the permissible speed for the winter tires,
then attach a label showing the permissible maxi‐
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