2019 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #31

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Displaying the engine oil level
Via iDrive:
1. "My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Engine oil level"
Different messages appear on the Control Dis‐
play depending on the engine oil level. Pay atten‐
tion to these messages.
Adding engine oil
General information
Safely park the vehicle and switch off drive-ready
state before adding engine oil.
Only add engine oil when the message is dis‐
played in the instrument cluster.
Observe the quantity to be added in the mes‐
Take care not to add too much engine oil.
Observe recommended engine oil types.
Providing assistance
Hazard warning flashers
The button is located in the center console.
Breakdown assistance
BMW Roadside Assistance
Via iDrive:
2. "BMW Assist"
3. "BMW Roadside Assistance"
A voice connection is established to BMW
Roadside Assistance.
Concierge service
The BMW Assist Concierge service offers infor‐
mation on events, gas stations or hotels, and
provides phone numbers and addresses. Many
hotels can be booked directly by the BMW Con‐
cierge service. The Concierge service is part of
the optional BMW Assist Response Center.
Via iDrive:
2. "Concierge"
A voice connection to the Concierge service is
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