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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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All wheels green
The system is active and bases warnings on
the displayed target pressures.
For tires with special approval: the system is
active and bases warnings on the tire inflation
pressures stored during the last reset.
One to four yellow wheels
A flat tire or major drop in the tire inflation pres‐
sure has occurred in the indicated tires.
Gray wheels
It may not be possible to identify tire inflation
pressure losses.
Possible causes:
During tire inflation pressure measurement,
after confirmation of the tire settings.
For tires with special approval: the system is
being reset.
For tires with special approval:
performing a reset
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "Vehicle status"
3. "Tire Pressure Monitor"
4. Switch on drive-ready state and do not drive
5. Reset tire inflation pressure: "Perform reset".
6. Drive away.
The wheels are displayed in gray and the follow‐
ing is displayed "Resetting Tire Pressure
After driving faster than 19 mph/30 km/h for a
short period, the set tire inflation pressures are
accepted as the target tire inflation pressures.
The reset is completed automatically while driv‐
After a successfully completed reset, the wheels
on the Control Display are shown in green and
the following is displayed: "Tire Pressure Monitor
active. See label for recommended pressures.".
You may interrupt this trip at any time. When you
continue the reset resumes automatically.
Messages: for tires without
special approval
General information
A low tire inflation pressure may cause the DSC
Dynamic Stability Control to be switched on.
Safety information
A damaged regular tire with low or missing tire
inflation pressure impacts handling, such as
steering and braking response. Run-flat tires
can maintain limited stability. There is a risk of
an accident. Do not continue driving if the vehi‐
cle is equipped with normal tires. Follow the in‐
formation on run-flat tires and continued driving
with these tires.
If a tire inflation pressure check is
A symbol with a Check Control message ap‐
pears on the Control Display.
Symbol Possible cause
Inflation was not carried out accord‐
ing to specifications, e.g., when the
tire has not been sufficiently inflated
or in the case of a natural steady tire
pressure loss.
Check the tire pressure and correct as needed.
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