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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Replacing components
Vehicle features and
This chapter describes all standard, country-spe‐
cific and optional features offered with the series.
It also describes features that are not necessarily
available in your vehicle, e. g., due to the selected
options or country versions. This also applies to
safety-related functions and systems. When us‐
ing these functions and systems, the applicable
laws and regulations must be observed.
Onboard vehicle tool kit
The onboard vehicle tool kit is located under the
cargo floor panel.
Wiper blades
Safety information
The window may sustain damage if the wiper
falls onto it without the wiper blade installed.
There is a risk of damage to property. Hold the
wiper firmly when changing the wiper blade. Do
not fold or switch on the wiper without a wiper
blade installed.
Folded-away wipers can be jammed when the
hood is opened. There is a risk of damage to
property. Make sure that the wipers with the
wiper blades mounted are folded down onto
the windshield before opening the hood.
Replacing the front wiper blades
1. To change the wiper blades, fold up the wiper
arms, refer to page 130.
2. Lift the wiper all the way off of the windshield.
3. Press the button, arrow 1, and pull out the
wiper blade, arrow 2.
4. Insert the new wiper blade and press it on un‐
til it you hear it snap into the holder.
5. Fold down the wipers.
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Replacing components
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