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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Automatic triggering
Under certain conditions, for instance if the air‐
bags trigger, an Emergency Request is automati‐
cally initiated immediately after an accident of
corresponding severity. Automatic Collision Noti‐
fication is not affected by pressing the SOS but‐
Manual triggering
1. Touch the cover.
2. Press and hold the SOS button until the LED
in the area of the button illuminates green.
The LED is illuminated green when an Emer‐
gency Request has been initiated.
If a cancel prompt appears on the Control
Display, the Emergency Request can be
If the situation allows, wait in your vehicle until
the voice connection has been established.
The LED flashes green when a connection to
the BMW Response Center has been estab‐
The BMW Response Center then makes
contact with you and takes further steps to
help you.
Even if you are unable to respond, the BMW
Response Center can take further steps to
help you under certain circumstances.
For this, data is transmitted to the BMW Re‐
sponse Center which serves to determine the
necessary rescue measures. E.g., the current
position of the vehicle, if it can be established.
Even if you can no longer hear the BMW Re‐
sponse Center through the loudspeakers, the
BMW Response Center may still be able to
hear you.
The BMW Response Center ends the Emer‐
gency Request.
General information
If the battery is discharged, the engine can be
started using the battery of another vehicle and
two jumper cables. Only use jumper cables with
fully insulated clamp handles.
Safety information
Contact with live components can lead to an
electric shock. There is a risk of injuries or dan‐
ger to life. Do not touch any components that
are under voltage.
If the jumper cables are connected in the incor‐
rect order, sparking may occur. There is a risk
of injury. Pay attention to the correct order dur‐
ing connection.
In the case of body contact between the two
vehicles, a short circuit can occur during jump-
starting. There is a risk of damage to property.
Make sure that no body contact occurs.
Check whether the battery of the other vehi‐
cle has a voltage of 12 volts. The voltage in‐
formation can be found on the battery.
2. Switch off the engine of the assisting vehicle.
3. Switch off any electronic systems/power con‐
sumers in both vehicles.
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