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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Fine wood parts
Clean fine wood facing and fine wood compo‐
nents only with a moist rag. Then dry with a soft
Only treat parts made of Kenaf fibers using suita‐
ble care products.
Plastic components
Cleansers that contain alcohol or solvents, such
as lacquer thinners, heavy-duty grease remov‐
ers, fuel, or such, can damage plastic parts.
There is a risk of damage to property. Clean
with a microfiber cloth. Dampen cloth lightly
with water.
Plastic components are e.g.:
Imitation leather surfaces.
Light lenses.
Matt black spray-coated components.
Painted parts in the car's interior.
Clean with a microfiber cloth.
Dampen cloth lightly with water.
Do not soak the roofliner.
Safety belts
Chemical cleansers can destroy the safety belt
webbing. Missing protective effect of the safety
belts. There is a risk of injuries or danger to life.
Use only a mild soapy solution for cleaning the
safety belts.
Dirty belt straps impede the reeling action and
thus have a negative impact on safety.
Use only a mild soapy solution for cleaning the
installed belt straps.
Safety belts should only be allowed to retract if
they are dry.
Carpets and floor mats
Objects in the driver's floor area can limit the
pedal distance or block a depressed pedal.
There is a risk of an accident. Stow objects in
the vehicle such that they are secured and can‐
not enter into the driver's floor area. Use floor
mats that are suitable for the vehicle and can
be safely attached to the floor. Do not use
loose floor mats and do not layer several floor
mats. Make sure that there is sufficient clear‐
ance for the pedals. Ensure that the floor mats
are securely fastened again after they were re‐
moved, for instance for cleaning.
The floor mats can be removed from the car's in‐
terior for cleaning.
If the floor carpets are very dirty, clean with a mi‐
crofiber cloth and water or a textile cleaner. To
prevent matting of the carpet, rub back and forth
in the direction of travel only.
Mount for trailer hitch
Keep the mount clean.
Regularly grease or oil bearings and sliding surfa‐
ces with resin-free greases or oils.
Before using steam cleaners or high pressure
cleaners on the vehicle, remove the ball head
and insert the cover into the mount.
Sensor/camera lenses
To clean sensors and camera lenses, use a cloth
moistened with a small amount of glass deter‐
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