2019 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #367

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
Pages: 380

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Failure message, see Check Control 141
False alarm, see Avoiding unintentional
alarms 97
Fan after run, see Exhaust gas particulate fil‐
ter 272
Fan, see Air flow 236, 240
Fastening safety belts, see Safety belts 104
Filler neck for engine oil 329
Filter, see Microfilter 237
Finding charging stations, see Charging stations
and points of interest, see Owner's Handbook
for Navigation, Entertainment, Communica‐
tion 8
Fine wood parts, care 354
First-aid kit 344
Fittings for trailer safety chain, trailer towing 278
Flat tire, changing wheels 319
Flat tire, continued driving 315, 319
Flat tire message, FTM 317
Flat tire message, TPM 313
Flat Tire Monitor FTM 317
Flat tire, repairing 305
Flat tire, see Tire Pressure Monitor TPM 310
Flat tire warning light, FTM 317
Flat tire warning light, TPM 313
Flooding 272
Floor carpet, care 354
Floor mats, care 354
Fog, removing from the windows 236, 240
Fold-away position of the wipers 130
Fold back rear seat backrests 264
Foot brake 272
For Your Own Safety 9
Fragrance cartridge, see Ambient air pack‐
age 245
Fragrance, see Ambient air package 245
Fragrancing, see Ambient air package 245
Front airbags 164
Front center armrest 258
Front fog lights 161
Front fog lights, see Lights and bulbs 337
Front lights, see Lights and bulbs 337
Front-seat passenger airbags, automatic deacti‐
vation 166
Front-seat passenger airbags, indicator light 167
Front seats 102
FTM Flat Tire Monitor 317
Fuel 290
Fuel cap 288
Fuel filler flap 288
Fuel filler flap, unlocking manually 289
Fuel gage 145
Fuel quality 290
Fuel recommendation 290
Fuel, tank capacity 360
Fuses 343
Garage door opener, see Integrated Universal
Remote Control 249
Gasoline 290
Gasoline particulate filter, see Exhaust gas partic‐
ulate filter 272
Gear change, Steptronic transmission 132
Gear shift indicator 147
General driving notes 271
General settings 59
Gesture Control 53
Gestures, see BMW Gesture Control 53
Glare shield, see Sun visor 252
Glass sunroof, electric 99
Glass sunroof, initialize the system 101
Glove compartment 256
GPS geolocation, vehicle position 60
GPS, navigation, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 8
Gross weight, permissible for trailer towing 359
Handbrake, see Parking brake 124
Hand-held transmitter, alternating code 250
Hands-free device, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 8
Hazard warning flashers 344
HDC Hill Descent Control 195
Head airbags 164
Headlight control, automatic 158
Headlight courtesy delay feature 158
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