2019 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #370

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
Pages: 380

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Maximum speed display, see Speed Limit
Info 148
Maximum speed of winter tires 303
M chassis, adaptive 233
Measurement, units of 60
Medical supplies, see First-aid kit 344
Memory function 111
Menu, instrument cluster, see Selection
lists 149
Menus, operating, see iDrive 44
Messages 61
Messages, see Check Control 141
Microfilter 237, 241
Minimum tread depth, tires 301
Mirror 109
Mirror, see Memory function 111
Mobile communication devices in the vehi‐
cle 272
Mobile devices, managing 69
Mobile phone, see Owner's Manual for Naviga‐
tion, Entertainment and Communication 8
Mobility System 305
Mode, ECO PRO 280
Modifications, technical, see For Your Own
Safety 9
Monitor, see Control Display 46
Mount for trailer hitch, care 354
Mounting for trailer hitch 277
Mounting of child restraint systems 116
MP3 player, see Audio, see Owner's Handbook
for Navigation, Entertainment, Communica‐
tion 8
Multi-function hook 262
Multifunction steering wheel, buttons 36
Multimedia, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 8
Music hard disk, see Owner's Handbook for Nav‐
igation, Entertainment, Communication 8
Navigation data, Onboard Computer 151
Navigation, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 8
Neck restraints, front, see Head restraints 106
Neck restraints, rear, see Head restraints 107
Net, cargo area 263
Neutral cleaner, see Light-alloy wheels 353
New wheels and tires 302
Nose weight, see Drawbar nose weight 359
Notes, see Owner's Handbook for Navigation,
Entertainment, Communication 8
No-touch opening and closing of the tailgate 88
Nylon rope for tow-starting/towing 349
OBD Onboard Diagnosis 335
Obstacle marking, rearview camera 216
Obstacle marking, Surround View 221
Octane rating, see Recommended fuel
grade 291
Odometer and trip odometer 151
Oil 328
Oil, adding 329
Oil change 331
Oil change interval, see Service require‐
ments 146
Oil filler neck 329
Oil types to add, engine 330
Onboard Computer in the instrument clus‐
ter 150
Onboard Computer on the Control Display 152
Onboard Diagnosis OBD 335
Onboard literature, printed 72
Onboard vehicle tool kit 336
On-call service, see Accident Assistance 345
On-call service, see Breakdown assistance 345
Online Entertainment, see Owner's Handbook
for Navigation, Entertainment, Communica‐
tion 8
Opening and closing 76
Operating concept, iDrive 44
Operating with the Controller 48
Operation via touchscreen 49
Outside air, see AUC 239
Overheating of engine, see Coolant tempera‐
ture 145
Overwintering, see Long-term vehicle stor‐
age 355
Owner's Manual media 72
Owner's Manual, printed 72
Seite 370
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