2019 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #372

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
Pages: 380

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Remote control of the vehicle, changing the bat‐
tery 79
Remote control, opening/closing 76
Remote control, universal 249
Remote control with display, malfunction 84
Remote control with display, see BMW display
key 81
Remote services, app, see Owner's Handbook
for Navigation, Entertainment, Communica‐
tion 8
Removable ball head 277
Replacing parts 336
Replacing wheels/tires 302
Reporting safety malfunctions 15
RES CNCL button, see Active Cruise Control
with Stop&Go function 199
RES CNCL button, see Cruise control 197
Reserve warning, see Range 146
Reset, Tire Pressure Monitor TPM 312
Retreaded tires 303
Reversing lights, bulb replacement, see Lights
and bulbs 337
RME rapeseed-oil methyl ester 291
Roadside Assistance, see Accident Assis‐
tance 345
Roadside Assistance, see Breakdown assis‐
tance 345
Roadside parking lights 158
Roller sunblinds, rear side windows 99
Rolling code hand-held transmitter 250
RON recommended fuel grade 291
Roofliner 39
Roof load capacity 359
Roof-mounted luggage rack 274
Rope for tow-starting/towing 349
Route, navigation, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 8
RSC Run-flat System Component, see Run-flat
tires 304
RTTI, see Owner's Handbook for Navigation, En‐
tertainment, Communication 8
Rubber components, care 353
Run-flat tire 304
Safe braking 272
Safety belt reminder for driver's seat and front
passenger seat 106
Safety belt reminder for the rear seats 106
Safety belts 104
Safety belts, care 354
Safety locks, doors and windows 119
Safety package, see Active Protection 189
Safety switch, windows 99
Safety systems, see Airbags 164
Safety systems, see Intelligent Safety 168
Saving fuel 279
Screen Mirroring, connection 68
Screen, see Control Display 46
Screwdriver, see Onboard vehicle tool kit 336
Sealant, see Mobility System 305
Seat heating 112
Seat heating, individual activation 113
Seating position for children 115
Seat, see Memory function 111
Seats, front 102
Seats, rear 104
Seat ventilation, active 113
Seat ventilation, individual activation 113
Securing cargo 261
Selection list in instrument cluster 149
Selector lever, Steptronic transmission 132
Self-supporting tires, see Run-flat tires 304
Sensors, care 354
Service and warranty 11
Service Center, see Accident Assistance 345
Service requirements 146
Service requirements, see Condition Based
Service CBS 334
Services, ConnectedDrive, see Owner's Manual
for Navigation, Entertainment and Communica‐
tion 8
SET button, see Active Cruise Control with
Stop&Go function 199
SET button, see Cruise control 197
Set speed, see Active Cruise Control with
Stop&Go function 199
Settings, locking/unlocking 94
Settings on Control Display 59
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