2019 BMW X3 — Owner's Manual – Page #373

Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
Pages: 380

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Shift paddles on the steering wheel 132
Side airbag 164
Side collision warning 185
Side protection, Surround View 221
Side protection without Surround View 214
Signaling, horn 36
Signals when unlocking, see Confirmation sig‐
nals from the vehicle 95
Sitting safely 102
Sizes, see Dimensions 358
Ski and snowboard bag 267
Slide/tilt glass roof, see Glass sunroof 99
Smallest turning radius 358
Smartphone, see Owner's Manual for Navigation,
Entertainment and Communication 8
Smoker's package 252
SMS, see Short messages, see Owner's Hand‐
book for Navigation, Entertainment, Communi‐
cation 8
SMS text message, supplementary 144
Snow chains 309
Socket for OBD Onboard Diagnosis 335
Sockets 253
Software update 70
Soot particulate filter, see Exhaust gas particulate
filter 272
SOS button, see Intelligent emergency call 346
Sound output, see Owner's Handbook for Navi‐
gation, Entertainment, Communication 8
Spare tire, see Emergency wheel 323
Special equipment, see Vehicle features and op‐
tions 9
Speed limit display, see Speed Limit Info 148
Speed Limit Info 148
Speed, see Average speed and average con‐
sumption 152
Speed warning 153
Split screen 45
Sport chassis/suspension, see Adaptive M chas‐
sis 233
Sport displays 153
SPORT INDIVIDUAL, see Driving Dynamics
Control 137
SPORT PLUS, see Driving Dynamics Con‐
trol 137
Sport program, Steptronic transmission 132
SPORT, see Driving Dynamics Control 137
Sport steering, variable 196
Stability control systems 192
Standard equipment, see Vehicle features and
options 9
Standard view, Head-up Display 154
Standby state, idle state and drive-ready
state 41
Start/stop, automatic function 121
Start/Stop button 120
Starting aid terminals 348
Starting, see Drive-ready state 120
Starting the engine, see Drive-ready state 120
Stations, AM/FM, see Owner's Handbook for
Navigation, Entertainment, Communication 8
Status control display, tires 311
Status field symbols 45
Status information, iDrive 45
Status of Owner's Manual 9
Status, vehicle 153
Steering and lane control assistant incl. Traffic
Jam Assist 206
Steering wheel, adjusting 111
Steering wheel, buttons 36
Steering wheel, see Memory function 111
Steptronic Sport transmission, see Steptronic
transmission 132
Steptronic transmission 132
Stopping the engine, see Drive-ready state 120
Storage compartment in the center console 257
Storage compartments in the cargo area 262
Storage compartments, locations 256
Storage, tires 304
Storing the vehicle 355
Stowing and securing cargo 261
Straps for cargo, see Lashing eyes in the cargo
area 261
Suitable devices 64
Suitable mobile phones 64
Summer tires, tread 301
Sun visor 252
Supplementary Owner's Manuals 72
Supplementary SMS text message 144
Surround View 218
Suspension settings, see Driving Dynamics Con‐
trol 137
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