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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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Activate voice command response on the smart‐
phone for this purpose.
Press and hold the button on the
steering wheel for approx. 3 seconds.
Voice command response is activated on the
Release the button.
If activation is successful, a confirmation ap‐
pears on the Control Display.
If it was not possible to activate voice command
response, the list of Bluetooth devices appears
on the Control Display.
Possible commands
General information
Most menu items on the Control Display can be
voiced as commands.
Commands from other menus can also be spo‐
You may select list entries such as phone list en‐
tries via voice activation. Read these list entries
out loud exactly as they are shown in the respec‐
tive list.
Displaying possible commands
The following is displayed in the top area of the
Control Display:
Some possible commands for the current
Some possible commands from other me‐
Status of the voice recognition.
Encrypted connection is not available.
Help on the voice activation
To have the available spoken instructions
read out loud: ›Voice commands‹.
To have information on the operating princi‐
ple of the voice activation system read out
loud: ›General information on voice control‹.
To have help for the current menu read out
loud: ›Help‹.
Example: opening the tone
The commands of the menu items are spoken
just as they are selected via the Controller.
Switch on the Entertainment sound output, if
Press button on the steering wheel.
3. ›Media and radio‹
4. ›Tone‹
Setting the voice dialog
You can set the system to use standard dialog or
a short version.
The short version of the voice dialog plays back
short messages in abbreviated form.
Via iDrive:
"My Vehicle"
2. "iDrive settings"
3. "Language"
4. "Speech mode:"
5. Select the desired setting.
Activating voice recognition via
the server
The voice recognition feature via the server pro‐
vides a dictation function and a natural method of
entering destinations while improving the quality
of voice recognition. To use the functions, data is
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Voice activation system
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