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Posted on 21 Feb, 2020
Model: 2019 BMW X3
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BMW display key
General information
The BMW display key is supplied with an addi‐
tional mechanical key. If the display key is used,
the mechanical key should be carried with you,
for instance in the wallet. The mechanical key is
used like the integrated key, refer to page 84.
The display key supports all functions of the
standard remote control.
In addition, the following functions are also avail‐
Display status of doors and windows.
Display status of the anti-theft warning sys‐
Display service information.
Call up range with available fuel.
Safety information
People or animals in the vehicle can lock the
doors from the inside and lock themselves in. In
this case, the vehicle cannot be opened from
the outside. There is a risk of injury. Take the
remote control with you so that the vehicle can
be opened from the outside.
For some country versions, unlocking from the
inside is only possible with special knowledge.
Persons who spend a lengthy time in the vehi‐
cle while being exposed to extreme tempera‐
tures are at risk of injury or death. Do not lock
the vehicle from the outside when there are
people in it.
Unattended children or animals can cause the
vehicle to move and endanger themselves and
traffic, for instance due to the following actions:
Pressing the Start/Stop button.
Releasing the parking brake.
Opening and closing the doors or win‐
Engaging selector lever position N.
Using vehicle equipment.
There is a risk of accidents or injuries. Do not
leave children or animals unattended in the ve‐
hicle. Take the remote control with you when
exiting and lock the vehicle.
1 Opening/closing the tailgate
2 Unlocking
3 Press and hold or press three times in quick
succession: panic mode
Press briefly: headlight courtesy delay feature
4 Locking
5 Display
6 Back
7 Switch the display on/off
8 Micro-USB charging socket
Reception range
The number of available display key functions
depends on the distance from the vehicle.
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Opening and closing
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